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WWII Tiny Prefab Homes

Christine Durand is our reporter in France and just sent us this story:

Bonjour Lloyd,

Seeing the foldable home on the cover of ”Popular Mechanics magazine” (Gill’s post) reminded me of the American prefab house where my grand-parents have lived for ten years. It’s an old story but I guess it’s one of the reasons why I love tiny wooden homes!

   This story begins at the end of Word War II on the French atlantic coast. The shipbuilding port city of Saint-Nazaire was the last city to be liberated in Europe. Entirely destroyed. In 1946, like thousands of war refugees, my grandparents were allowed to come back…be relocated. At that time, the Ministry of Reconstruction tried to provide emergency housing for 2 million of homeless. A huge challenge and a historic occasion for architects of all nationalities who design a wide choice of tiny prefab houses : cheaply and quickly built, ˆeasily transportable”!

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Small (Not Tiny) Homes

“For the past 7 years Smallworks has constructed small, beautiful, affordable and sustainable lane houses in Vancouver, Canada. Working with licensed architects in practice for over 20 years, and exceeding the green building practices for Vancouver’s Green Home Program, we offer a variety of pre-approved lane house designs as well as custom built lane houses and small homes”

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