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Beach Art

‘Between Worlds’ chronicles a unique collaboration between two renowned artists: Andrés Amador, who creates expansive works of beach art and preeminent long-exposure photographer Henthorne, who attempts to capture Amador’s ephemeral installations before they are reclaimed by the elements.

It’s a story that explores the challenges and rewards experienced by artists who sacrifice their singular vision in pursuit of creating something breathtaking and original.

A film by Brad Kremer, Christopher Frey, and Phillippa Frey

From Leo Hetzl

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Loading Redwood Logs in the Early 1900s off the Coast in Mendocino County

This is a drawing of the lumber and passenger steamer Seafoam, loading lumber at the point off the town of Mendocino, sometime in the early 1900s. It’s hard to believe what these guys did in heavy seas, off of rocky shores back in the day; check out the guy riding on the logs! From the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Historical Society Museum In Fort Bragg, California

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Sea Otter

Sea otter in kelp beds in Marin County, holding an abalone.

Sea otter in kelp beds in Marin County, holding an abalone. They are delightful little creatures. In the ’50s in Santa Cruz, there was a friendly little otter that used to come right up to our surfboards at the Wild Hook; we called him Sammy, the sea otter.
From my forthcoming (March 2019) book, Driftwood Shacks: Anonymous Architecture on the Northern California Coast

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Beach Sculpture

Artistic Beach Sculpture

I came upon this beautiful arrangement of beach objects at Muir Beach last night as the sun was setting. Mac Murphy, who often swims in the cold ocean sans wetsuit for 20 minutes or so, made it. He picked up the feathers — a lot of dead birds last night, and created this lovely circle.


Shelter Publications

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New Blog Format

Rick has been working for months to coordinate the changeover from Blogger to WordPress and we’ve finally arrived. I was partially inspired by Cabinporn, with its large images. I also have more control over layout, but it’s going to be a learning curve. Here I go.

At left is a driftwood shack at the Mattole River beach. I’m in the midst of revising and expanding my book titled Driftwood Shacks: Anonymous Architecture Along the California Coast.

I know everyone knows this but in case not, click on the photo.

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