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Lights on My Pedal-Assist Bike

Lights on My Pedal Assist Bike

Now have lights on my bestie Specialized Turbo Levo, means I can be late coming back home from a ride. Needed new helmet so got one that protects my mouth. Got warm gloves, rear view mirror plus Sean at Mt. Tam Bikes on Mill Valley reprogrammed the middle level of assistance and it now flies.

I end up getting a better workout as opposed to non-assist because I ride twice as long (and far). Am seeing a lot more of the countryside these days.

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Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

Clouded leopard, “the most ancient cat alive today,” as shown on “The Story of Cats — From Asia to Africa.”

Viewable on Unbelievably beautiful and highly skilled cats in Thailand. A wonderful documentary on all breeds of cats, including snow leopards and the biggest of all cats, the Siberian Tiger, which can weigh up to 800-900 pounds.

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Homemade Camper Shell with Copper Roof

Homemade Camper Shell With Copper Roof

Ben Bloom was just getting out of the water when I rode by on my bike yesterday. It’s a homemade camper shell with copper roof, and will go in our forthcoming book on rolling homes.

Note: If you know of any unique trailers — anything that rolls that you can sleep in, cook in, and travel in, contact me at
We’re especially looking for creative rigs that don’t cost $100K(+).

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Masked Bandidos in the Chicken Yard


Two young raccoons got into the chicken yard by ripping a hole in rusty chicken wire the other night. Luckily I went out to close in the chickens in their (secure) coop before raccoons got to them. I have a lot of respect for these guys, called in Spanish mapaches (pronounced mah-PAH-chays). Like coyotes, they’re survivors. I’ve patched the roof.

When you live on a piece of land like this, multiple critters are constantly seeking food. In our book The Half-Acre Homestead, I list all these would-be intruders, along with various methods and traps for controlling them.

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SunRay Kelley’s Solar Electric Diesel Hybrid

SunRay Kelley’s Solar Electric Diesel Hybrid

18 solar panels charge a Leaf battery bank that powers the electric motor. When battery runs low, a diesel generator kicks in to power the motor and extend the range.

It has a 1937 Willy’s front end and custom-made doors and grill.

Will be featured in our next book, Rolling Homes.

It’s for sale: SunRay@SunRay

If you know of any unique road rigs, contact me at:

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