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Gin and Juice – The Gourds

Country rock version of a Snoop Dogg tune. The Gourds were formed in 1994 in Austin, Texas. They sound to me a lot like The Band and in fact, recorded an album at Levon Helms’ Woodstock studio in 2011.

From Rick Gordon

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Here are archives of Bringing it On Home, a bi-weekly program on our local world-class radio station, KWMR, which I listen to 3-4 times a week while doing dishes or fiddling around after dinner. This is the July 31, 2021 program, Stones, followed by Lou Reed, Aretha, Al Green, Marvin Gaye…

On Thursdays is Back to Bakersfield, Saturday is Celtic music, there’s Shorty’s Roadhouse… There’s no radio station in the world I like better.

KWMR archives (you need to scroll down, pick the program, then click “Find Archives.”):

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