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Guitar Boogie & Working Man Blues (Live) | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel with Billy Strings

In spite of all the shit going on the planet right now, it’s a beautiful California morning, a bunch of poppies are exuberantly blooming, oblivious of world misery, we have (two days ago) finished the year-long stressful job of putting together Rolling Homes: Shelter on Wheels, covering 75 nomadic homes and I feel wonderfully free and ready first for a celebratory 4×4 trip to Baja, then to come back and get to work on my semi-autobiography, Live from California.

(From about mid-April on, I’ll be blogging from the road — a lot more regular posting when I’m away from office tasks.)

Just now listening to this (and watching Billy’s expressions). Rare communication between musicians, it’s like they’ve blended their art and skills into one.

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