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Dancing at the Computer Today

I just got an email from the Great American Music Hall (in San Francisco) for a livestream concert by Drew Holcomb this Friday, October 23rd, at 8 PM.

Never heard of him, so I found this song. Despite wacky outfits, sounded so good, I took a few squirts of homemade sativa tincture and have been dancing around the office, especially when everyone is dancing outside at the end of the song.

As Drew sings:

“Music, it makes you feel good
Makes you feel understood,
Like you’re not alone,
Not a rolling stone,
Not the only one on the road.”

I played it 3-4 times, dancing and playing bass on first my jug, then on my box bass (similar to a washtub bass, with with body of wood and the resonator a panel from a Samsonite suitcase.) (When I do this, I pretend I’m in the band — fun!)

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Daybreak by Lloyd Khan

A book just came out with my name spelled Khan. It happens a lot.

I googled it and it came up with links for me — Kahn, but said “Search instead for Lloyd Khan,” which I did, and it led me to musician Lloyd Khan:

“…born in the Far East (foothills of Kalaw, Myanmar) came to the US when he was 14 years old and jumped head first into the Funk and Fusion Groove”


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Rock & Roll!

If you ask me for my go-to favorite musical genre, it’s gonna be blues.

But once in a while, I get hit by the power of rock & roll. Like this album. a song of which was played by Neil Dickman on his great “Bring It On Home” (Friday, 7PM) program on our world-class local radio station, KWMR.

I just ordered this appropriately named CD.

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GIMME SHELTER – August, 2020

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Our Brothers and Sisters in France

GIMME SHELTER – August, 2020Our friend Paula, who lives in a houseboat in Amsterdam, once said to us that France was “the California of Europe.” There do seem to be many French people who share the concepts in our books (which I believe reflect the California lifestyle) in building, gardening, and the spectrum of DIY. The French translation of our book Home Work sold over 10,000 copies.

Our French friend and carpenter Yogan and his creations have appeared in a number of our books. He was hiking in the Pyrenees recently and came across this beautiful little home. He recognized it from Home Work, where it was featured in a section on countercultural builders in France, and shot this photo. It was built by Jeanne-Marie; she based the design on the old stone barns of the region, but used wood rather than stone. It’s one of my favorite little homes.

Epiphyllum Oxipetalum, Brahma Kamalam night-blooming flower(Home Work, published in 2004, is the sequel to Shelter. Many of the homes in Home Work were inspired by the builders and buildings in Shelter.)

Epiphyllum Oxipetalum, Queen of the Night Cactus

The flowers bloom only at night. This one is in our greenhouse. Lesley has been checking it every night and last night, voila! In India, it’s called Brahma Kamalam, named after the Hindu god of creation. In Japan, it is called “Beauty under the Moon.” It is very fragrant, may bloom once a year. And then — in exquisite restraint — for only one night.

truck camper

On the Road

We’re starting to gather material for another book on rolling homes. A lot has happened since 2014, when our book Tiny Homes on the Move was published. For one thing, there’s been an explosive interest in vans, as evidenced by Foster Huntington’s Van Life: Your Home on the Road, which has sold 75,000 copies. People are taking off for vacations in vans, and as well, some people who have been laid off and can’t pay their rent due to the coronavirus, are looking at nomadic living as an option.

We’re looking for the new generation of road homes, circa 2020 and beyond — different from the vehicles (or trailers) shown in present books. What’s new out there?

If you know of any unique units, please contact me:
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Charlie Winton, Musician

Those of you who know Charlie from the publishing world (founder of Publishers Group West, the Avalon Publishing Group, and Counterpoint LLC); well, surprise! When he retired from publishing, he picked up his guitar and started writing songs. He’s just come out with his first album — Hold On Tight — and it’s great — rock and roll!

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Bluegrass Bonanza

Strawberry ’86 Jam: John Hartford / Bela Fleck / Doug Dillard / Sam Bush / David Greer / Pat Flynn

From Doug Armstrong

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The Isley Brothers, King Floyd Songs

These songs came on during Neil Dickman’s “Bring it On Home” show on our wonderful local radio station, KWMR. I listen to it most nights of the week from 7 to 8 or 9PM, while doing dishes. I tell you, this is a world class radio station, right in our semi-rural world.

Other great shows on KWMR: “Bakersfield and Beyond,” “The Celtic Universe,” and “Coast Highway Blues.” I’m hearing a lot of songs I would otherwise never know about.

You can go on to their website and play shows from (or tune in around 7PM in the evening).

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