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Treehouses in Japan

Treehouses in Japan built by Yuichi Takeuchi. Yuichi visited us here in 2015. He’s an artist, carpenter and treehouse builder. He said he’d been heavily inspired by our book Shelter. He was making a movie called Simplife and interviewed me.

Today I was working on a camper van he built for skiing in Japan for our forthcoming book Rolling Homes, and I came across his treehouses, which can be found at

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Shingled Cabin in France

I am Bastien Forestier. I live in Boussy Saint Antoine near Paris. One year ago, in the winter, I was driving across Normandy to go surfing. On my way I stumbled upon la Chappelle D’Allouville, a mystical wooden treehouse made by a monk in 1609. So I decided to build a shelter using this technique.

I began doing wood shingles and beams. First with axes, then I bought a shaking axe.

I used the trees around me. I know them all since my childhood. Now after a year i have a roof and walls. I am very sure to make more houses like this in the future, inspired by Tingely’s cyclops maybe.

I like that the people in the neighborhood call it La Chapelle (the chapel).

Note: These are actually shakes, rather than shingles.  –LK

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Jay Nelson’s Latest Treehouse

Jay Nelson’s latest treehouse, now under construction in a redwood grove in Northern California. It’s about 10 by 11 feet in floor area. The round window pivots open on center pins. There are two climbing ropes attached high up so Jay and Max can work on the curved roof. Almost all the wood (except for floor framing and plywood sheathing) is used.

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Treehouse in Vermont

I’m discovering all kinds of photos as I look through (just) my digital archives — some 90,000 photos. Buildings that never got published. I’m going to do more regular blog posts for a while. Fun! Discovering hidden gems.

This is a wheelchair-accessible treehouse for students at the Yestermorrow Design-Build School in the Green Mountains, Vermont, designed that by rarity — a good architect — John Connell. I shot it in a visit to Dave Sellers, John and other Vermonter builders in Warren, Vermont, in 2005.

I got a ton of great photos in just a few days there. More to come.

Check out the timber framing and other courses at yestermorrow.

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Van Life, Foster Huntington’s Brand New Book

Foster Huntington quit his job, where he was working 70-hour weeks for Ralph Lauren in New York City, and took off living on the road, first in a (very) used VW Synchro van, later in a Toyota Tacoma truck with a spiffy fiberglas camper shell. He started The Restless Transplant, a blog that became enormously popular. I remember seeing it years ago and thinking this is my kinda guy.

These days he’s living in a treehouse in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington, just northeast of Portland and he has 1 million (!) Instagram followers.

His latest project is this book, and the publishers have printed 35,000 copies. Vans are tremendously popular right now, and this book shows them in all their glory. 

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SunRay Kelley’s New Treehouse

Hi Lloyd and friends:

Just thought you might like to see some photos of SunRay’s latest creation — a funky little treehouse nestled in ponderosa pine trees, built during the recent 20th anniversary Natural Building Colloquium in Kingston, New Mexico. I have a bunch of images on my website here:

It’s a beautiful structure, particularly the roof. Hope you enjoy!

– ziggy

p.s. By the way, I’m greatly looking forward to the next book!

Brian ‘Ziggy’ Liloia

Natural Building Workshops & more

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