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Beach Art

‘Between Worlds’ chronicles a unique collaboration between two renowned artists: Andrés Amador, who creates expansive works of beach art and preeminent long-exposure photographer Henthorne, who attempts to capture Amador’s ephemeral installations before they are reclaimed by the elements.

It’s a story that explores the challenges and rewards experienced by artists who sacrifice their singular vision in pursuit of creating something breathtaking and original.

A film by Brad Kremer, Christopher Frey, and Phillippa Frey

From Leo Hetzl

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Beach Sculpture

Artistic Beach Sculpture

I came upon this beautiful arrangement of beach objects at Muir Beach last night as the sun was setting. Mac Murphy, who often swims in the cold ocean sans wetsuit for 20 minutes or so, made it. He picked up the feathers — a lot of dead birds last night, and created this lovely circle.


Shelter Publications

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Nursery in Petaluma

Succulents at Cottage Gardens nursery in Petaluma, California. They have beautifully tended plants, as well as metal sculptures, garden art, old buckets and bathtubs, enamel pots, and wooden barrels. It’s fun just walking around in this fascinating place. 3995 Emerald Drive.

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Metal Sculpture at Cottage Gardens Nursery, Petaluma, Calif.

Lesley took me there yesterday. It’s a stunning place. The plants are exquisite, like the ones at Berkeley Horticultural Nursery. They also have ingenious metal sculptures of animals, old iron buckets, huge ceramic planters (from Viet Nam), a couple of old galvanized bathtubs, antique porcelain pots, and a ton of other stuff. It’s up a hill at 3995 Emerald Drive, on the west side of Petaluma Boulevard as you’re driving out of town to the freeway. An oasis of beauty.

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