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Working Out to the Beat

I’ve had this Versaclimber in my office for years, and would use it occasionally at hi-reps for a minute — and be be on the threshold of the anaerobic zone — desirable for fitness — but not much fun.

WELL: this dark winter afternoon, after a day of nit-picking paperwork, everyone left and I put on Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton, guitar Buddy Guy, and stepped onto the Versaclimber. Hey, this was fun!

Like the old aerobic dance classes, syncopating motion with music pushes you along.

(This Mockingbird cut is by Inez and Charles Foxx, who wrote wrote it and “…alternated the lyric on a syllabic basis…”

Way before Carly and James copied the Foxxes note-for-note…

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Classic 1975 Skateboarding Film – Huntington Beach, California

Oh man, this is so good! The rawness of the sport, the crudeness of the boards, the sunny (1975) SoCal spirit, the moves, the dream skating scene starting at 30:17. These guys had something that today’s hot skaters don’t have.

I think this belongs in the same category as The Endless Summer. Pure unabashed LA, in its still glory days of the ’70s.

“Amazing old skateboard documentary mainly based in California in the mid-70s. Shows the early days of skateboarding and show cases some of the main skaters of the day like Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva and many of the original Zepha Surf Shop team.”

From Leo Hetzel

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Dancing! in 1957-58 to “Slow Down” by Larry Williams

At the time of this record, 1957-58, I was getting back from 3-month trip through 10 European countries on a Lambretta motorscooter, camping out and staying in youth hostels. Hitchhiking also. In ’58, I was running a newspaper on an Air Force base near Wiesbaden, Germany. I sure didn’t know about this kind of music and dancing in those days. Sheeesh!

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