Homesteading in Alaska, 2020–2021

Hi Lloyd and company,

Greatly enjoyed your book, Small Homes: The Right Size. My wife and I live in a small home on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. We bought the land and the original cabin, which, according to the realtor, had no value: “free firewood.” So we of course did like some of the homeowners in your book, and decided to restore the place.

We added a 14×16 foot room and went from 500 sq. feet to now 830. Added a few outbuildings and now have a lovely place to call home on the edge of the wilderness. Moose, bears, lynx and more in the area.

Hope to make a second addition next year if time allows, so we can have a little more room; my wife would love a larger kitchen, and that should be it. I did all the work, with help from one of my sons and some occasional help from other family members.

If you ever are in Alaska, do stop by and visit.

I’ve attached one shot of the place, original log cabin on the right side and the 2019 addition on the left side. I’ve also attached two photos of our garden.

Keep up the good, inspiring work with your books!

–Ed and Theresa Gonzalez
Ninilchik, Alaska

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Solutions for Leaky Tile (or Metal) Roofs in Australia

Hi, Shelter Publications, Inc.

My name is Mary and I am a teacher for an online class in Architecture. We came across your website while learning the different techniques in designing structures such as buildings and houses. We want to say thank you!

One of my students, Kristel, highlighted this page that she brought in for me to see:

I want to try to reinforce her creativity and the whole class as well with something unique and fun, so I suggested that we share this with you! I also believe that this will be useful for homeowners and to your visitors as well because it has great information on how to prevent their roofs from leaking. Would you please add a link to the article for them on your page? They would be so proud to see that you did, and I don’t think it’ll hurt that I promised the whole group grade incentives if you do! Please let me know if you’ll be able to help, so I can share the exciting news with them!

Thank you in advance and stay safe!

Mary Lopez
Teacher | Advisor
Behold the tortoise that only makes progress when it sticks its neck out!

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Mark Bittman’s Warning: The True Costs of Our Cheap Food and the American Diet

The global, industrialized food system faces increasing scrutiny for its environmental impact, given its voracious appetite for land is linked to mass deforestation, water pollution and a sizable chunk of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The implied trade-off has been that advances in agriculture have greatly reduced hunger and driven societies out of poverty due to improved productivity and efficiencies. But Mark Bittman, the American food author and journalist, argues in his new book Animal, Vegetable, Junk that these supposed benefits are largely illusionary.

In a sweeping deconstruction of the history of food, spanning the past 10,000 years of organized agriculture, Bittman takes in everything from Mesopotamian irrigation to the Irish famine to the growth of McDonald’s to posit the rise of uniformity and convenience in food has mostly benefited large companies, fueled societal inequities and ravaged human health and the environment.…

–The Guardian…

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