Backcountry Yurt Snow Storm, Three Feet of Snow

Good evening Lloyd,

I hope this message finds you warm and well! I’m sitting here on the North Shore of Lake Superior, where temperatures are dipping to forty below this week!

My wife and I purchased some land this past summer here in Minnesota, and we’re giving it a go. Learning from all of those who’ve inspired the movement for so many years. We put up our yurt right away, and are strategizing the gardens and cabin to come.

We put out a video on our winter setup at the yurt, and your “Small Homes” gets a cameo, as Sam prints a linocut on top. Thanks for all of the inspiration you’ve published and made available for the average folks like our selves. We’re still out there finding our way on the land!

Peace & health
Zach (Payton)

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Houseboats on Frozen Canal in UK

Hi Lloyd,

I was out walking this morning along our local canal in Wiltshire UK and had to send you these of tiny homes working as they should! 🤟

Unknown boaters keeping warm and cosy on a –3 degrees C (27 degrees F) day. Canal frozen solid as well.

Cheers, Dean Mawdsley, UK

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Tattoo Based on My Dad’s 1917 Drawing


I first saw that 1917-18 drawing your father did a few years ago and I knew I wanted to have it as a tattoo someday. I finally was able to make that happen with an artist here in Phoenix, Arizona named Kyle Huskey. I chose him for the task as he does very well with fine line work and texture. Attached is a photo of the tattoo. I think he did the drawing justice!

Thank you,
Ben Garza
Cottonwood, Arizona

My dad did this drawing when he was in high school (Lick-Wilmerding) in San Francisco in 1917-18 or so. He had to go to work after high school, so never got the chance to develop his artistic side. I put it on my blog two years ago and lo and behold! I’m sure my dad would be blown away.

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Going Down the San Lorenzo River on Surfboards During the Great Flood of 1955

My Santa Cruz roommate George Kovalenko and I went down the San Lorenzo River on our surfboards in 1955, during the biggest flood in Santa Cruz history.

The water was up over the parking meters on the main street. It was a gray, drizzly day, and George and I put in by Paradise Park and got swept down the river, along with cars, uprooted trees, sections of houses, and refrigerators. Every bridge across the river had collapsed; it was pretty scary.


When we got out down by the ferris wheel at the river mouth, the cops said they were going to arrest us, but they got diverted by other emergencies and we slipped away.

These 67-year old photos were almost illegible. Rick Gordon performed some Photoshop magic to get this much out of them.

Note: I was interviewed by Jessica York, a reporter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel yesterday for an article on our adventure.

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Yogan Builds On

Just received from our good friend and carpenter extraordinaire yogan in France.

yogan has just published the 2nd edition of Cabanophiles, his photos of extraordinary hand built and artistic cabins in different parts of the world.

    He will soon publish a French translation of our book Home Work.

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