66-Year-Old UK Woman Told to Tear Down Self-Built House

This just came in from Anon:

Woman, 66, is ordered to demolish her £59k log cabin eco-home where she has lived for seven years after council ruled it was too big and breached planning permission.

The mother-of-three spent £59,000 of her life savings constructing the cabin from natural materials and applied for planning permission at the time in order to do so.

She was told she did not require permission as there was already a mobile home on the site in the quaint hamlet.

‘I was given this formal legal document dated January 23, 2014 that said ‘application not required’. ‘I built it exactly the same as it looks in the plans I submitted in 2013. It is absolutely identical.’

“But Herefordshire County Council has since performed a U-turn and told her the wooden structure is unauthorized and in breach of planning regulations.


If you run up against a firewall here, use Chrome Incognito Window (under “File” pull down window).

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Home in the French Woods of Yogan, Emily, and Baby Orso

The works of our good friend Yogan have appeared in our last three building books. Right now I’m working on the story of his latest mobile home for our book Rolling Homes, and I ran across this photo of his present home in the woods.

This guy is prolific! See previous posts on his work, including his visit to California a few years back: www.lloydkahn.com/?s=yogan

His blog: yogan.over-blog.com

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Barn and Boat in Sooke, BC

As I go though my digital photos (200,000+) — usually looking for something to do with the Rolling Homes book I’m working on — I run across photos and grab them to post here. As I said in an earlier post, this was on a trip to Vancouver Island in 2017.

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