Prickly Pear Cactus


Prickly pear cactus, or nopal plant in garden that just took off. The nopalitos or tender paddles are nutritious and have many healthy ingredients. You need to carefully remove the spines. The tunas are tasty fruit. I burn off spines with a blowtorch.

It needs no water, weeding, or cultivation.

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Photo of Zome Workshop in France by Yogan


Photos from yogan carpenter of his friend Robin’s workshop in SW France, with a zome roof. Again, yogan has photographed a building shown in Home Work (page 49) but gotten better shots. This is really a nice idea: using a dome as roof on vertical walls. It’s in a section in the book on countercultural builders in France. (A friend of ours who lives in Amsterdam says that France is the California of Europe.)

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This is a page from a two-volume set titled Everybody’s Enquire Within, a profusely illustrated wonder of the world (compiled in the mid-30s) with tons of interesting stuff. It’s not organized in any logical manner (yahoo!), just 1000s of intriguing facts one after the other. I’m gonna put up a few of the pages with pen and ink (There’s one copy of the set on Amazon for $83.)

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