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So much is going on in my life right now that I have a hard time sorting it all out, much less writing about it. I’ve started backing away from publicity ops because they take so much time, but I did one “media thing” last week before my shoulder operation because I thought the photographer and the project were so cool.

   I met Vladimir Yakovlev at Trouble Coffee in San Francisco. He was here from Moscow photographing people for his book The Age of Happiness, 70-100 year olds who are active and lively. The Russian version sold 5000 copies (a $50 book) in the first month in Russia.) Now he’s about to publish an English version in the USA. It’s a stunning book.

   This was such a great guy to work with. He shot a bunch of photos, and I loved his photographic-journalistic instincts. Now here is a journalist! (See Wikipedia on him here.)

   He and a friend came out here yesterday. A wonderful visit, to meet people from such a different part of the world, yet to be so completely in sync.

   Some photos and some of our conversation just appeared on Vladimir’s website here. To see other people on the website, click here.

   For The Age of Happiness on Facebook, click here.

Photo: Vladimir Yakovelev

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  1. Lloyd – put the english version in your blog when it comes out, eh? as a 60 year old, I'm happy to get all the positive images of the years to come that I can!

  2. Lloyd,
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