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Greenough 17\′ Surfboat For Sale in BC

A surfer I know in BC is heading for the warmer waters of Baja and selling his Greenough surfboat (somewhat reluctantly). Built by Anderson Custom Boats. They’re the Maseratis/Jaguars//Beamers/Teslas of surf boats, rare to find used these days. 27K or best offer. I told him I’d post it here. If you are interested, send me yr. email address, and I’ll put you in touch with him. (Hoping someone buys it and I can hitch a ride once in a while–dis da bomb! Hey Santa Cruzeans, how about being able to zip down to Big Sur?)

 Here are some specs from him:

“-09 Suzuki…purchased/mounted/pdi/rig…

-09 trailrite trailer…made for hull

-inboard 60 gal tank

-teleflex steering w. tilt helm…

-needs seating…

-compass,nav light, gps, vhf…led deck lighting

-27K obo… If a person is real interested and serious I’m happy to work a deal…with delivery/mola etc…”

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Bruno Atkey’s Steel Sailboat in British Columbia Waters

From Godfrey Stephens:

“Bruno and Mecea’s s/v Ola Suerte

 ‘engine’/sailing up the coast…”

Bruno was one of our star builders in Builders of the Pacific Coast. He welded up this spiffy sailboat out of sheets of steel, using the “origami” technique  of boat building, pulling the sheets into shape with come-alongs, then welding. Over a period of 12 years. He also welded up a tiny stainless steel wood stove for the boat.The deck is split cedar. Bruno is an awesome builder, master with many materials, also surfer, fisherman and adventurer of “The Wild Coast” of British Columbia. I want to be like him when I grow up.

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Monday Fish Fry

(So titled after San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen’s Friday columns, called “Friday Fish Fry;” Herb was master of 3-dot stories. I started reading him at the bkfst table at age 15. In the ’70s, he answered a couple of my letters with his Underwood upright typewriter. Wonderful man…

Sunny Monday Morning We’ve had 3 days of real hot weather, now cooling. Blue skies, glassy ocean. Swam last night… Once in a while I try to throw together fragments revolving in my mind, a la Herb C…

Tom Clancy on Writing  “I tell them you learn to write the same way you learn to play golf,” he said. “You do it, and keep doing it until you get it right. A lot of people think something mystical happens to you, that maybe the muse kisses you on the ear. But writing isn’t divinely inspired—it’s hard work.”

That’s why I’m so slow at posting stuff…

Now listening to The Abyssinians Super reggae vocal harmonies. Gimme that old time reggae! “Jason White” here. (I only like about half the songs I hear on “The Joint,” Sirius Radio’s reggae station. A lot of insipid or preachy stuff or songs you’ve heard 100 times.…

Great Music on KWMR Our local station has really good music programs around 7-9 PM (West Coast time). Blues, bluegrass, reggae, cajun, R&R, eclectic mix of DJs. I listen to it on radio while doing dishes (and sneakily dance when no one’s around), but think it can be streamed…

Free Books to Prisons We have always sent free books to any prisoner who writes us. Letter received a few days ago:

“Shelter Publications,

I wish to thank you for your gift of books. they have been a blessing, not only for…me, but to the many I have loaned them to who are trying to dream and create a future as they leave prison…Thank you for your gift and the many hours of studying, dreaming and contemplation these books provide.

   -J.M., Palmer Correctional Center, Palmer Alaska”

   Thrilling feedback.

   I wish there were some way to get our (fitness and building) books into prison libraries (if there are such). Any researchers out there who can find a list? Or if you know someone in prison, let them know they can write for free books.…

Tidelog Tide Tables I have this posted over the sink and look at it every day. A lot of surfers and fishermen do the same. A graphic view of tides, with art by M.C. Escher. For east and west coasts, including BC. Here

Blues on the Canal Rich Jones sent this link to houseboat moving along an English canal with blues band playing:

Tiny Homes On The Move We’re gettin there! About 90% complete. This has been the most complex book ever, the most people ever to deal with, in many parts of the world. USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, China, + sailboats cruising the high seas. Two main categories:

Wheels: vans, trucks-with-camper-shells, housetrucks, house buses, and trailers

Water: sailboats, houseboats, and tugboats

There are some 90 of these units in the book, either rolling on the road or floating on the water. They are used as either permanent residences or for trips of varying lengths upon life’s highways and waterways. Book should be out in May 2014…

I love the life I live,

And I live the life I love.

   -Muddy Waters

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Real Adventures: Alastair Humphreys

Sirveyor has left a new comment on your post “On Foot Yesterday From Bolinas to San Francisco:

“Lloyd, look at Alastair Humphreys’ blog, he advocate’s Micro Adventures such as you have just completed.”

I listed Alastair last year, but it was great to be reminded. My adventures are pale shadows of what this guy does.

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America’s Cup Yesterday

Loaded my (mountain) bike into the truck and drove into San Francisco yesterday morning to see the last race of the America’s Cup series. I parked at Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge, where surfers were riding small waves, weaving around the offshore rocks.

  I rode over to the Marina Greens, pleasant sunny morning, Got a 4-barrel latte and donut at a dockside kiosk, rode past Aquatic Park, South End Rowing club, a half dozen cove swimmers in the water (half of them wearing wetsuits, no less!), past Fisherman’s Wharf — hadn’t realized how gaudy it’s become. There were two gigantic cruise ships in port, grotesque pieces of shit. San Francisco, still a beautiful and wonderful city, once a vital west coast port, but here whoring out to the tourist buck. I digress.


The entire bay side of the city, from bridge to bridge, was full of strolling (and biking) people. I got a burger and chocolate shake at the In-n-Out — don’t do that often, but needed some energy. Biked down to Pier 29, where the boats were berthed, then back to the hill between Aquatic Park and Fort Baker, and watched the big boats racing across the bay. The New Zealanders were out front, but Oracle sped by them in the upwind leg. Call it perverse, unpatriotic, or rooting for the underdog, but I wanted the New Zealanders to win. Whatever, these boats are awesome. There were hundreds of other boats of all persuasions out in the bay.

   Rode bike back to my truck, bucking 30mph-or-so winds, crossed the bridge, jumped in my mountain canyon pool on the way home, walked a bit on the sand at Stinson Beach, winds dying down. Pretty nice day. Tomorrow I’m going to try walking into San Francisco, leaving here at dawn…

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A Bunch of Misc. On A Warm Blue-Sky Sunny Monday

Television of Late

Preceding the big game between the 49ers and Seahawks last week, a talentless babe sang an insipid song that ended with “…because the NFL rocks on NBC.” Barf. NBC piled on layers of shtick that made the game seem more showbiz than football.

Newsroom: the last 2 episodes were brilliant (“Election Night #1,” “Election Night #2). Lightning fast dialogue.

Woodworkers tool catalog:

North House Folk School is a wonderful place that offers a huge range of classes in traditional crafts. I recommend getting their catalog:

Outdoors Over an inch of rain a few days ago. The garden is loving it. Unusual this time of year. Tom Stienstra, SF Chronicle outdoors writer, says that the Ohlone (San Francisco’s native tribe) predicted a big winter when:

a) acorns dropped early

b) bears grew shiny winter coast early, and both things have happened this year. Here’s hoping…

Autumnal Equinox yesterday Autumn elsewhere is summer here in NorCal. It’s warm today, and nice feeling from moisture in the ground left by the rains.

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BC Floathouse Inspired by Tiny Homes

“Good Afternoon!

Tiny Homes was amazing and inspired us to downsize and simplify life.
This 425sq ft floathouse sits on an 825 sq ft float.
It is our primary residence and is permanently moored in Tofino BC on the Tofino Whaling Wharf.

   It is an extensively renovated Oyster Shack from the 1980’s and has served as a residence since that time.
Children have been raised in this tiny floating home over the years and it had a back room added on.   My wife, Kim, and I have had the house for 2 years now.
It is a simple floating life.

Read More …

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