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Tuesday I drove up to Petaluma to look at a fishing kayak.* The hills have changed from green to dried-out golden, almost white in the bright sun. Lots of growth due to late rains, grasses waving in the afternoon wind…Speaking of which, we’ve had a week of early morning low tides, but also winds. Took my kayak across a local bay a few days ago, the wind was coming up. I thought about turning back, but it started dying down.

 No luck getting horsenecks, but I got a mess of cockles plus 2 nice rock crabs; good way to spend the morning…steamed cockles last night, but they wouldn’t open after 15 minutes steaming, tough little fuckers, and steaming them this long made them tough…gotta figure this out, these aren’t the compliant commercial clams you can buy…seaweed was thick on the beach, so loaded my truck up, it’s getting rinsed and added to compost pile…just ordered a rod and spinning reel for stripers…my ongoing food-from-sea endeavors sure are fun, plus with the kayak, I’m getting a workout…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but check out, Kirk Lombard’s writings on fishing the Pacific Coast. Just found this video, go to 3:22 to see him catching a mess of herring to great music and with ayuda from a fellow fisherman…I’m goin’ fishin too…

*I’m pretty well settled on a 12′ Tarpon 120 by Wilderness Systems. It’s another world from my 20-year-old 12′ Scrambler by Ocean Kayak (which I’m gonna sell cheap). Having such a great boat will be an incentive to get out there often…also getting a sail (Wind Paddle Scout Sail) — minimal, will only go downwind…

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I’m Doing Slide Show/Book Signing for Tiny Homes On the Move This Thursday (June 19th) in Berkeley

Here is an email this morning from Builders Booksource in Berkeley:

Tiny Homes on the Move, This Thursday!

At 5:00 pm we will have a couple of Tiny Homes parked in front of the Store!

   Come check them out, have an early dinner or snack, and be ready for an entertaining evening!

Thursday, June 19th. 7 – 9 pm. Tiny Homes on the Move; Wheels and Water. With Lloyd Kahn. Pics, Presentation, Book Signing!

   There is room for a few more “Tiny Homes,” don’t be shy, if YOU are interested in showing off, give GEORGE a call: (510.845.6874). See you Thursday!

Builders Booksource,1817 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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Cape Falcon Kayak

Greetings Lloyd-follow your blog every day.…One of the other sites I follow is Cape Falcon Kayak, a gentleman who runs an off the grid organic farm as well as teaching skin on frame kayak construction.  He just posted a seasaonal update for Winter 2014 that includes 2 videos, one showing the construction of his small japanese style house, the second showing the farm, off the grid construction and how they operate. Worth checking out and sharing on your site.  The foraging sections and photography are also very good if you have the time to peruse. Thanks again for taking the time to run the blog, and looking forward to the new book. -David Stoll

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Kayaking in the Dark

Friday night I took my kayak up to Tomales Bay and put in from a beach near Nick’s Cove. The purpose: to observe the bioluminescence, which I’d read about. It’s a phenomenon in waters hereabouts where luminous plankton glow on dark nights. I’d first seen it several years ago while walking on the beach barefoot on a dark night at low tide. I would kick some water and when it landed, flashing spark’s danced around on the water’s surface. Holy cow! Then I took my hands and threw water on some rocks, small pinpoints of brilliant light cascaded down the rock—ping, ping, ping.

  I paddled over to Hog Island and hit it lucky, sunset-wise. As the sun started going down, flocks of cormorants sailed overhead, going to roost in the shallows of the island. When it finally got dark, I took my paddle and splashed some water, and there were sparkles. I didn’t see a lot of luminescence other than that, maybe because there were a few lights shining on the water from across the bay. Maybe you have to get in a darker part of the bay, like down around Marshall, to see fish swimming in a green glow.

   I loved being out there in the inky blackness of night; no wind, the water glassy. Something about being totally alone in the dark of the moon is exquisite.

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Life boats for sale in Washington

“Life boat, Party Boat, People Hauler, -$800 each or $1,300 for 2, $2,500 for 4 or $4,500 for all 8. We have 8 of these, model BSC40M. ID plates show made in 1991-1994… They have a diesel 3 cyl Dezus engine, Some Hyd steering, manual bilge pump, some have emerg food/water packages, seat cushions, life vests, emerg food…oars, seat belts for 41 people..etc… They are 25’L by 8′ wide, approx 9′ tall on land. You can stand up in them. Weight is approx 7,400#’s. …”

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From Joy Godsey

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Photos From San Francisco

My friend Louie and I spent a few days in the city last week. Went to Fox Hardware on 4th Street, classic old school hardware store, huge inventory, somehow I’d never been there. Went to the Ferry Building foodie complex (too crowded with tourists), wandered around Union Square, Maiden Lane, went to Macy’s Men’s store, rode escalators up to all 5 floors, saw no clothes of any interest, checked out North Face, went to the Maritime Museum, had 2 Irish coffees at The Buena Vista…

All Saints Co. Tailors had dozens of beautiful old sewing machines as window display.

Above and left: elegant little sailboat built in 1937 at Maritime Museum

Bottom 2 pics: an 8′ El Toro

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Friday Fish Fry

The Sky Ain’t Cryin Big news around here is no rain, and none in sight. Dry dry dry.

The ground is cryin.

Mushrooms are hidin.

Creeks are dribblin.

Hills, usually verdant this time of year, are brownish green, oh my.

People I pass on my walks say, beautiful day, I grit my teeth and agree.

A beautiful day right now would be torrents of rain.

Foraged Firewood I rented a log splitter and Marco I split enough wood for two years in about 5 hours. Usually I pick up oak from the side of the road, but this year there was a ton of cypress and eucalyptus lying around, cut to firewood-sized logs, needing only splitting. Very few people around here get their own firewood these days; probably half the houses in these two small seaside towns are second units for city people who come infrequently. The do-it-yourself era around here ended years ago.

Killer Kayak The Hammer, made by P&H in the UK, is a new and uniquely designed ocean kayak. Check it out in the surf:  

Note: you’ve got to put in a fair amount of time in order to maneuver around like this. If you live in the San Francisco area, check out the California Canoe and Kayak Co. in Jack London Square in Oakland. They must have over 100 boats in stock. If you’re serious about buying a kayak and put down a $300 deposit, they will let you try out any number of kayaks over a three month period, keeping them for several days until you find the one that suits your needs.

Kindhearted Woman Blues – Robert Johnson

Kindhearted Woman Blues by Robert Johnson on Grooveshark

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Another Beautiful Rowboat/Dinghy — from Puerto Rico

“Good morning!

   Seeing the photo of the beautiful rowboat this morning made me think of one I saw yesterday evening at our local watering hole, what I thought of as a dinghy with sail-a-bility as well as a rowboat. In this case, it has a Seagull engine mounted on it.

   A friend sent this additional info: ‘The sailing tender was built at the Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center in Beaufort NC. Traditional wooden sailing and rowing vessels are made here by folks from around the world.’

   Looking forward to the new book!

  ‘Being good and kind, that will carry you through the world.” ~ Alvin, gardener at Biras Creek

My blog here.”

   -MJ (Island Woman)

(A great blog! – LK)

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