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Homemade mountain bike ramps on BC homestead

This is one of the film clips I referred to in the recent post. It shows Andrew Dunkerton working in his shop, feeding the chickens, and at the end, his son Dylan and buddies going way airborne on homemade ramps just walking distance into the woods.

“An inspiring look behind the scenes at what makes the Coastal Crew tick, their amazing surroundings and their upbringing in that environment that makes what they create as rad as it is.

The Crew is a group of three best friends and sponsored mountain bike riders living the dream – doing what they love every day! Their days are made up of riding, building, (trails and bridges and jumps) and filming. The crew consists of  Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson and Kyle Norbraten. They strive to create captivating media and lush content. Usually it is Dylan behind the camera, but this time he’s in front of it, talking with his dad about their lives.  Of course there is some great riding content at the end of the video.”

Boys just wanna have fun!

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Bike ride up coast yesterday

I tell ya, when I get on my new bike, it feels like I’m on a motorcycle. Each time I take the first couple of cranks going down the road, I can’t believe how good it feels. Here we go! Yesterday I headed up the coast off-road. The bike with its air shocks takes potholes and rocks with ease. Surf was up, tide low, air filled with sweet negative-ion-charged sea air.

Then I rode out to a secret pond in the hills, where swimming is great in the Spring:

On the way home as sun was setting, here was a herd of 14 deer. Never seen a flock like this.Each day of my life right now seems so filled with interesting stuff I can only get a fraction of it down.

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