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Human-powered Circumnavigation of the Earth by Jason Lewis

“Expedition 360 was a successful attempt at one of the last great firsts for true circumnavigation: reaching antipodal points on the surface of the globe using only human power (no motors or sails). Bicycles, in-line skates, kayaks, swimming, rowing, walking and a unique pedal powered boat were used by Englishman Jason Lewis and an international team to travel over 45,000 miles across five continents, two oceans and one sea (12th July 1994 – 6th October 2007).”

Sent us by Rich Jones

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Tiny Kids on Bikes in Snow, British Columbia

From our PR person in British Columbia, Kim Herter:

“…I wanted to share a little video of my son and his pal, Daniel on their snow bikes — created by Daniel’s dad, Tim Van Driel. It’s a great little clip — mostly of Daniel (brown outfit), but some fun shots of my little guy, Theo, in orange. Daniel wore a little camera clipped to his helmet for some of it. We were at Cypress Mtn. — a 45 min drive from my house where there is NO snow so it’s pretty amazing to see how wintery it is up there on the local hills. 400cm+…”

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Surf Rack On Bike

Surfer Jeff and his homemade bike surf rack. He used a curved piece of scrap metal—can’t see it here, it’s on other side—covered with duct tape, strapped to side of bike. He can go from his house to the water all on his own power. No gasoline.

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Danny MacAskill Rips San Francisco on His Bike

“Danny MacAskill hits the streets of San Francisco and while the title may suggest some sort of adversarial relationship, Danny glides through the hilly terrain with a familiarity and effortless grace that would lead you to believe he’s lived there all his life. Launching off sidewalks and balancing along rails, he moves with uncanny precision. Danny also talks a little bit about his methodology when it comes to identifying and perfecting new tricks. So sit back and let the maestro of urban trials do his thing.”

Check out all the cool things at this website (where this originated):

Sent us by Gary Gunder

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Kevin Kelly’s 1300-mile Bike Trip


As a bookmaker and Pacific coaster you may enjoy this fast 60-page book I just made.

   I, and my 15-year-old son and nephew just rode our bicycles from Vancouver, Canada to San Francisco, hugging the coast the entire way. (We went on the Olympic pennisular side rather than through Seatlle.) Of course we rode down 1 in CA. We pedaled 1,300 miles in 26 days. It was hard work but a blast.

   Using Lightroom and Blurb I made a quick cool book of our journey and lessons learned, and am having some copies printed up for us. But with the push of a button I could make a PDF and free iPad ebook version for easy distribution.

   Take a look:

ebook for iPad:



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SunRay Kelley’s New Lightweight Electric Bike

Hi Lloyd,

This is the video link

to SunRay’s latest project. It is pretty cute. We are taking a trip to Seattle this week to get Ray the materials he needs to finish the sexy body shell for the SunRayzor.

SunRay just got a motorcycle wheel with a hub motor in it from this amazing designer builder Mark Gelbien and his company EnerTrac Corp. SunRay is conspiring to use this new hub motor to power a multi-person runabout electric vehicle. We will keep you posted on his progress.…



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