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Tiny rEvolution Website

Deek Diedrickson of pointed out this excellent website,, billed as “… an Internet home for people interested in simple, minimalist living, and less square feet than most master bedrooms.” For example, here’s an interesting post titled “How to stock a minimalist kitchen”: here. Scroll down to the long comment by Susyn153 about paring down your belongings for living on a sailboat.

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Lately (Ugh!) Around Here

Jeez, has this been a shitty week. And jeez, am I a big baby. Yes. Any body part goes wrong and I’m devastated. I look at friends like Sherm in his wheelchair, can’t move a muscle or talk these days and he perseveres, and gets a twinkle in his eye when I give him shit. Or a bunch of my high school friends, who I saw recently at a 60th reunion. I should not complain.

  I had surgery to repair a rotator cuff repair a week ago,and it was only arthroscopic, for christsake, you know, “…minimally invasive.” Well I’ll tell you, my body does not like any kind of invasion. My arm’s been strapped to my side,with the bladder for an ice machine inside the bandage, all week. Can’t tie own shoes. Can barely sleep, have never slept on my back. After 3 days of the pain pills (oxy), I felt so groggy and shitty, I quit them. I don’t understand people taking oxy “recreationally”). Makes me feel like I’m in a hazy, fuzzy tunnel. I’ll deal with some pain in exchange for some mental clarity.

   Anyway, just started getting into gear last night. I had given Lucky Peach magazine several hundred of my photos to do a story in their next issue, which is on “the apocalypse.” The angle on me being homemade shelter, gardening, foraging, stuff you can do for yrslf in tough times. They let me comment on the 6-page layout (turned out great, they used about 50 of my photos), and I went through it with them yesterday (Sunday), and this got me back into the communication groove. Issue will be out mid-Feb.

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Popular Mechanics Magazines from the 1930s

Last week, Gill sent in a comment on a post I did last year. It was a link to an old Popular Science Magazine, and I replied that I had looked through the entire issue. To which Gill responded as below:
Gill has left a new comment on your post Vintage Transport”:

Here are just a few or so… Like you I get caught up scrolling and seeing all kinds of stuff… Solar energy articles from the 30’s… gotta love it huh?


Camping Trailer PM May 58 pg 149


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Blues, Nomadics, TV, Politics, Reggae on A Sunday Afternoon

Boy have I been in a funk. Partly due to a banged-up shoulder, partly the hot dry weird windy weather, partly lack of exercise, partly too much time on road. Takes me days to catch up upon return. I’m stayin  home a whiles.

  Weather shifted dramatically this morning. Way cooler, clouds in sky, feeling of vibrancy about. Along with 2 tiny cups of crema Malabar Gold monsoon espresso, and a great blues selection by Bill Wax on Sirius radio’s blues station, things are lookin up. For ex., “Ax Sweet Mama,” by James Luther Dickinson.

Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels & Water is rolling (and floating), about 40 pages laid out. Each book we do is like setting sail for an unknown destination. Here we’re out in the ocean, wind in sails, charting course as we go. Exciting!

Google Do I love it! I can find just about anything. For example, at times I’ll get a Goole Alert to an article I’m interested in; if the link doesn’t go anywhere, I can type in a sentence quoted in the article, and bingo!

TV of Late

Treme Great episode last week, lots of good music (by previously obscure authentic New Orleans musicians), wonderful scene between La Donna and the Chief (who was Lester in The Wire), exquisite acting (and communication and humor) between two powerful people.

Boardwalk Empire I’m back into it. Gave up on it last season, but it’s now in a really good mode. Nucky more human; costumes, era (prohibition—1920s-30s) impeccably portrayed.

Bill Maher The closer the election gets, the more relevant Bill is. Last night the most contentious panel ever, but with great appearances by Gary Hirshberg of Storyfield Farm with totally convincing reasons to vote yes on requiring GMO labeling, and Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone telling politics like it is.

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Apparently Lloyd has moved to BC

 My friend Michael McNamara, who lives on Hornby Island, sent me this and said that he and Sally didn’t know I’d moved to Hornby and would I like to come over for dinner. Joking.

   I think the confusion might be that I covered my favorite builder, Lloyd House, in the Tiny Homes book. Lloyd lives in a converted van on Hornby.

   I mean, if I did move somewhere, Hornby would be at the top of the list, but I’m still here in NorCal, living in a house I built 40 years ago.

Article here.

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GIMME SHELTER Newsletter Late Summer 2012

We sent out this latest GIMME SHELTER email newsletter last week. I started doing these maybe 10 years ago, originally for sales reps. The main orientation is on the state of Shelter’s publishing projects. As I’ve gotten more into blogging, I send these out less frequently, but they still do reach people who don’t read the blog.

BTW, I use MacSpeech Dictate whenever I can. It works amazingly well at transcribing your speech into words. For Windows users, it’s Dragon Naturally Speaking.

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Root Simple Blog/The Urban Homestead

I got a Google Alert about a video on our homestead and office that had been posted on The blog is by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen, authors of the very fine book (which I originally discovered on Boing Boing), The Urban Homestead, about raising food in a big city (in this case, LA). I enjoyed scrolling down the blog, seeing the eclectic mix. These guys are all over the place, like me.

   Check out the swarm of bees on the Harley, and the swimming pool in the bed of a Chevy S10 pickup truck on a hot night (in LA, of course). The vintage photo at left is titled: “A member of the Woodmen of the World with his ceremonial axe…” 

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