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Evan’s birthday snowboard run with GoPro Helmet Hero camera

My son Evan spent his 30th birthday (March 20th — Spring equinox) — snowboarding in powder snow with his friend Sean in the hills above Lake Tahoe. Recorded with a GoPro Helmet Hero HD wide angle lens video camera.

(Sending this from Verve Roasters super coffee shop with good wi-fi, in Santa Cruz on a rainy morning. We’re down here to visit grandson baby Maceo.)

“Went up to a water tower above Agate Bay with my soon to be brother in law. We snowshoed a ways up the hill then rode down towards the cabin through the backcountry. . . .”

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“StoneLake Farm is a unique 21-acre off the grid homestead located in Humboldt County, approximately 60 miles southeast of Arcata, California. Close to redwood groves and wild rivers, high on the southwest flank of Buck Mountain, our small farm has dairy, pack, and Angora goats, chickens, a large garden, orchards, a lively creek complete with dipping holes, flowing waterfalls, and stunning vistas.

Our hand-made octagon is available for rentals, we offer internships and are accepting applications for our artist-in-residence program.”

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With beauty all around you, may you walk.

I’ve developed a bike/run routine where I ride my bike about 5 miles, then run/shuffle a few miles to get to my mushroom spot, a grove of tan oaks, bay trees and redwoods. The ground was saturated with water, after recent rains. Creeks rushing, ponds full;  in one spot on the trail, water was bubbling out of a hole. Zilch in the mushroom department, maybe they’re waiting for some warmth, or maybe the recent cold weather has knocked the chanterelles underground until next year. I did gather some fiddlehead ferns, but just read that many varieties are toxic, so will proceed w. caution.

I realized yesterday, that it’s not just getting out in the woods or beach that I love, but the search for something to gather — food, flowers, bones, feathers — the hunter/gatherer genes. If all else fails, I gather images with my camera.

In beauty may you walk.

All day long may you walk.

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Mighty old Douglas fir in woods

Yesterday my friend Kent and I rode our bikes up the mountain and down an old fire road. I stopped to pick some mushrooms and Kent went on ahead. When I caught up, his bike was parked and he was in the woods by this gigantic tree. Maybe it was spared by the loggers because it was so distorted. A mighty and awesome presence.

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Running in the storm last night

About a month ago I wimped out on running with my friends in a rainstorm. (We run every Tuesday night.) So last night I was determined to get out into it. The boys went up Frank’s Valley, and I headed south along the coastal cliff trail. The storm was lurking just of shore and boy was I excited. Had on windbreaker, gloves, and warm wool tuque (home-knit cap). The wind was blasting and when I got up to our lookout spot, it must have been 50-60 mph. The few drops of rain falling stung my face, felt like bullets. I had to lean into the wind to avoid being blown over. The wind whipping my jacket sounded like a Harley, or like cards in bike wheel spokes. The raw power of the Pacific Ocean! The storm was pouring energy into me as I breathed. I’m still amped.

After a pint of Guinness with the boys in the pub, I drove north along the coast to get home. The rain was kicking in, wind howling, and on the radio, the bluegrass band The Steeldrivers was playing Good Corn Liquor and I pulled the truck over to an ocean overlook spot and got out and danced a jig in the storm. Seemed like the thing to do.

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Bike ride up coast yesterday

I tell ya, when I get on my new bike, it feels like I’m on a motorcycle. Each time I take the first couple of cranks going down the road, I can’t believe how good it feels. Here we go! Yesterday I headed up the coast off-road. The bike with its air shocks takes potholes and rocks with ease. Surf was up, tide low, air filled with sweet negative-ion-charged sea air.

Then I rode out to a secret pond in the hills, where swimming is great in the Spring:

On the way home as sun was setting, here was a herd of 14 deer. Never seen a flock like this.Each day of my life right now seems so filled with interesting stuff I can only get a fraction of it down.

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