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Russian Survives Freezing Weather In Tent For One Month

“Kosta has left a new comment on your post ‘ —Calgary man living in tipi despite freezing temper…’:

Loyd see as russian survived in tent from film in minus 28 degrees on celsius nearly month

And there is continuation beside this histories in that place…”

In Russian, but pics tell story.

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Thursday Fish Fry

Got up at 4 this morning, got rolling by 4:30, heading down the coast to Santa Cruz. An almost-full silvery-bright moon was reflected in a broad path of shimmering light on the black ocean; called moonglade, nice word.

   Around Pacifca, the moon was about to set on the western horizon, and it was as orange, well — as an orange. I’ve seen lots of orange rising moons, but never a setting one. Stunning. Free.

  BB King and Ruth Brown were doing a spirited version of Ain’t Nobody’s Business, Ruth’s voice like a blasting-off rocket. Then the new Devil’s Slide tunnel, which took forever to build. Made me think of the new Bay Bridge, which overall, sucks. The central tower with cables is sort of elegant, but for like a mile before it, there are 100s of dumb looking lights on white poles maybe 50′ high. Ugly.

   Andrew Loog Oldham has a great program on Sirius Radio’s Underground Garage channel. Very knowledgeable, has creds (early Stones), is funny, plays a lot of 60s music I’ve never heard.

   Now fortified with excellent Verve latte and apple pastry, am heading out into a beautiful Santa Cruz day. Ah, Southern California!

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Real Adventures: Alastair Humphreys

Sirveyor has left a new comment on your post “On Foot Yesterday From Bolinas to San Francisco:

“Lloyd, look at Alastair Humphreys’ blog, he advocate’s Micro Adventures such as you have just completed.”

I listed Alastair last year, but it was great to be reminded. My adventures are pale shadows of what this guy does.

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On Foot Yesterday From Bolinas to San Francisco

I’ve wanted to do it for a couple of years. On foot, out my doorway, into San Francisco—or, I should say—on my own power, because the first part of the trip involves swimming. The night before, I was so excited I could hardly sleep. Got up at 5:30, walked down to the beach. My son Evan met me and paddled my day pack and clothes across the channel in a kayak.

   Sun just starting to glow in dark eastern sky. 6:45. I’d psyched myself up to do this. Crunch time. Stripped down, waded out into the channel, and it was c-o-l-d. Had been a windy week, chilling the ocean. Mama mia! It’s only a short swim across, maybe 50 yards, and it felt like forever. BUT once out of the water I was stylin. Got dry, clothed, walked barefoot along the beach and got to the Parkside Cafe coffee stand at 7:30, got latte and a really good donut and was off along the coast. Got to Slide Ranch by 9, to Muir Beach 9:30. Nice morning, winds had died down, you could see as-they-say for miles. It’s maybe only 30 miles to SF, but pretty much all up and down.

View north from Tennessee Beach. I kept along the coast here on the southern side, rather than go on the (prescribed) Coastal Trail, which goes inland for a ways. There were faint animal trails and I eventually made it to the Marin Headlands. What really stokes me about this photo is that in the very distant background to the north (very faint, just to left of dark low peninsula), you can see the tip of Pt. Reyes, which I hiked to (from home) a year ago.

   I have a bunch of things to say about the trip, a few photos, will try to get back to it later, but in a nutshell, it was fucking hard. Probably mostly so because, dumb shit that I am, I didn’t drink enough liquids. I was dehydrated and didn’t realize it until I limped home. Plus I can’t seem to walk slowly; the old race horse (competitive runner) syndrome.

   I got to the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge at about 3:30, about 8-1/2 hours. Caught buses home, saw two friends downtown; one said, “Did you hurt yourself?,” the other said, “You look tired.”

   Getting enough liquids in me last night got rid of most of the tiredness and soreness. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I kept telling people it was do-able, and it was. There are lots of adventures to be had in anyone’s neck of the woods. More later.

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