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State of the Blog — The Day After

It occurred to me last night that it’s going to get pretty repetitious for me to call all these short posts “Daily Flash.” “Daily Flash #146…”

So I’ll keep up with shorter more frequent posts, and they will be daily flashes, but I won’t title every one that way.

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State of the Blog — Eureka!! — Course Correction

Rolling down the road on this trip, I realized that I’ve been putting up less personal posts (my own discoveries wandering through the world) lately and more 3rd-party stuff.

   Each morning I go out and check email and blog comments first thing, then post what’s of interest — a lot of tiny homes, gardening stuff. Then I don’t get around to posting my own photos and reports — both of which there are many — and having you readers ride shotgun with me. After all, I Am A Camera.)

   I’ve got a logjam backup of content — so I’ve decided to try posting something of my own each day (pic and/or text). I’ll start by calling it The Daily Flash (may be able to give it better title). I’m thinking more shorter posts interspersed with the same type daily 3rd-party posts I’ve been doing lately. Hey, aren’t attention spans shorter all the time? (Just occurs to me this is slightly analogous to current discoveries of the value of shorter, more frequent exercise.)

   A course correction in this seeming compulsion I have to communicate. Here we go.

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Blogger Problem — No Response from Support

Rick, who handles tech maintenance for this blog has been unable make changes on the blog’s template for the last several months. He’s tried repeatedly to get in touch with Blogger support, with no success. (Blogger no longer offers any direct support — just a forum where users can commiserate and try to answer each other’s questions).

The problem in detail is here. The quick summary is that every time he tries to get to the Edit Template page, it redirects immediately to a blank page, so that no edits can be made, and the template can’t even be replaced with an older backup.

This has been going on since Blogger stopped access through the old interface several months ago.

No support email gets any response, and repeated posts on the forum don’t either. Many other reports can be found in the forums concerning people who can’t get any help from Support.

If any of you have any suggestions, or especially if you have an inside track to some human being at Google who might help, we would really appreciate it. It’s time to change the masthead and update the listings for our books.

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The Day After Lots of Rain

Blogging is perfect for me, what with my compulsion to blab about everything I encounter in my world. It takes maybe a year for me (with substantial help) to get each book together, but here I can get things out daily. Actually I’m a frustrated newspaperman. I love the immediacy of newspapers, but  could never take the pressure; nor could I write well and quickly enough to work for a grownup daily paper. I don’t tweet these days, and just can’t join the FaceBook conglomerate. Blogging’s enough. Finding the time to do it, along with getting books out in today’s turbulent publishing seas, is a challenge.

Winter Solstice I felt something Friday, like a wakeup call. To get it a lot more together and quit moping because of an injured shoulder. I have so many friends with debilitating body parts, that I’m like a wimp. One body part goes wrong and I get depressed. OK, days are getting longer. I actually felt the first wave of Spring the other day, the new grass growing as the hills turn green, the call of a red-wing blackbird (lodged in my all-time memory from teenage years prowling my dad’s rice farm in Colusa (Calif.). Come on, April!

(Above pic, Amanita Muscaria, bursting out of pine needles everywhere right now…

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