Grizzly Bear Closeup

Jakub Plichta shot this photo in British Columbia a few weeks ago. He says there has been a ban on hunting grizzlies since 2018 and encounters with people are more common. This is Winston, 3 years old, and he doesn’t attack humanoids. Whew! Glad to hear that; this photo made me nervous.

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  1. This a beautiful photo of a grizzly, but I have an issue with the statement that “he doesn’t attack humanoids”. Although grizzlies are omnivorous and do not usually regard humans as a prey species, it is far safer to treat them with great respect, assume that they are predators, and that the prey is you. To take this beautiful photo, I’m sure that Jakub must be very familiar with this particular bear and be well aware of his behavior. However, I would discourage anyone who does not share his level of expertise from attempting to get close to any grizzly. If the grizzly happens to be a sow with cubs, is old or sick, is very hungry or is just having a bad day, the attempt may end in tragedy; both for the you and the bear, who will probably be shot by the conservation authorities.

  2. Gorgeous picture of a beautiful animal, but Peter’s comment is right on the money. I always remember that guy Tim Treadwell, and what happened to him by getting too comfortable with the bears!

    (I still love all the nature pictures, Lloyd! Thank you!)

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