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I’ve always enjoyed Surfer’s Journal. It’s a class act in the surfing world. The magazine was started by Steve and Debbee Pezman in 1992, and was completely different from other surfer magazines. Bi-monthly, with minimal advertising; supported by readers, not newsstand sales; great photos and production values; “more book than magazine.”

About six months ago, Steve Pezman and photographer Leo Hetzl spent three days with us, doing this interview and shooting photos. It’s a real honor. They gave me permission to make this PDF of the article. Check out the other articles in this issue:

The PDF can be downloaded or viewed from here.

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  1. Maui Surfer says:

    nice article Lloyd
    good to see you back on your skateboard
    that restaurant in Honolulu was M’s
    they started out in downtown HNLU
    then opened another one in Aina Haina
    when i was a senior in high school my best friend and
    I worked for M’s Cruising Kitchen
    driving a van with an charcoal oven to keep food warm and a radio to HQ
    customers would phone M’s to order, and we would deliver
    sometimes in just a minute or 3
    got paid to see how everyone lived in old Waikiki

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