You’ve Got to Help Me — Little Mack Simmons

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  1. Wolfgang Gesselmann Architect from Germany, living in Scotland UK for 14 years says:

    Hey Lloyd, Awsome piece of blues. I like it. I came to you back again when I found after all my movings in this Country your book “Shelter from 1974 when we had no email and web.
    A good written example of worlds architecture as I mentioned. Especially the dome of jena and all the following articles as the interview with the american from california who builds his house from scrap. And the very environmentally aspect of the whole book has inspired me over the years.
    Now as we getting older we have to learn the lessons of architecture again and again. A very busy life but I like it. Lets be in touch.
    Very best regards

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Send me yr. email address ( and I’ll put you on my monthly GIMME SHELTER newsletter list.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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