Mr. Sharkey’s Housebus/Housetruck Blog Returns


Going to toss this out in case you have a mortise to pound a round peg into:

After five years+ of oblivion, I’ve resurrected my website (albeit on a different domain). It’s pretty much the same old bus-and-truck dance with a layer of blog posts floating on top:

This should be a stable host for the foreseeable future. May register a domain name, may not…


For a lot of housetrucks and housebuses, see Tiny Homes on the Move.

2 Responses to Mr. Sharkey’s Housebus/Housetruck Blog Returns

  1. tom q vaxy says:

    thanks so much for posting this link!


  2. Reuben Shetler says:

    I sure hope Mr Sharkey is doing ok…. the link above doesn’t work now (Oct 2019)? I remember finding Mr Sharkeys site in 1999 and followed his writings for quite awhile. Did he ever publish his opus, “Thirty Years in a Housetruck”? I wonder how the Crown project is going these days. I’m guessing any of his online activity is anonymous or very low profile now – I miss those days before Google and Facebook took over the interwebs…
    Reuben from Boston
    (now retired in the hills of central PA)

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