I’m Heading to Albuquerque Sunday for a Week

I’m going to The Winter Institute, hosted by The American Booksellers Association, which runs from January 22-25, at the Albuquerque Convention Center. I’ll be attending some seminars, and giving out and autographing copies of our (just printed) book, Driftwood Shacks to buyers at the Author Reception, Thursday Jan 24, 5pm to 6:30.

Per my usual M.O., I’m taking off a few days early for some exploring. I’m getting there Sunday, Jan. 20th, thinking of heading south to Truth or Consequences, a town with many hot springs, and exploring small towns like Hillsboro and Kingston and searching the countryside for barns and interesting buildings to photograph.

Anyone have any tips on stuff to do in that part of the world?

Bugs Bunny compilation sent by Doug Armstrong. I’d forgotten about Sounds like the same guy that said:

“There was thoity boids sittin’ on the coib, choipin’ and boipin’ and eatin’ doity woims…”

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  1. IF Petroglyph National Monument was open (gov’t shutdown), I’d recommend it. The canyon trail leads into some of the most amazing numbers of petroglyphs in some of the most beautiful desert you’ll see. It’s on the west side of Albuquerque. You could probably hike in any way. I went back over a mile. The canyon is where a lava flow stopped. There are big blocks dropped off the edge of the rim. You can see the volcanic cones clearly. Albuquerque sits in the only other known Rift Valley in the world. The architecture in the old part of Albuquerque is worth seeing.
    You mention Hatch. The drive from Hatch to Nutt to Hillsboro and then to Silver City is one of the prettiest drives you’ll take, with plenty of stops to shoot film. Pianos Altos used to have one of the most unusual museum/gift shops around. But that is a long way from Albuquerque, a whole day starting early and finishing late. If you have the time, the Gilda Cliff Dwellings, up a torturous road from Silver City, will inspire. It’s run by a foundation, so I assume it is open. You climb 600 feet and walk in it and it takes you back. You can take the secret ‘back door’ they built into their redoubt to go back down. The views, again….
    An hour North is Santa Fe. The Georgia O’Keefe museum is great. Her early stuff is nothing like the well-known art. The architecture in the old town is good stuff.
    Finally, if you go east from Albuquerque, you come to The Turquoise Trail. Pass on Sandra Peak and head for the town of Madrid. Funky. I think Drop City was out somewhere nearby. Then you can loop on up to Santa Fe. Going back to Albuquerque is a straight shot on the freeway, about an hour. Above Santa Fe is Taos. Steve Baer’s company is in Albuquerque. Etc.
    I’m in love with the desert. What appears empty or bland to others seems to ignite something in me.
    Enjoy your time there.

  2. Come to Taos. Let me know and I can give you some ideas. World Heritage Site Taos Pueblo if you are in NM is an essential.. It’s an easy and interesting 2.5 hrs from ‘Burque.

  3. Here are some ideas in the areas you mention:
    https://altbuildblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/shel-neymarks-tile-murals.html At the Albuquerque Botanical Garden

    Sorry about the the cut and paste but no links in comments that I can find. The posts are a little dated but should help. The Charles in TorC is a motel with great private tubs. Stay away from River Bend. Be very careful in Albuq. Can you say failed city.

  4. If it’s open with the shutdown and you like ladders, Bandelier National Monument is pretty cool. Earthships in Taos are always fun to tour. Crazy-intense Aztec Warrior hot chocolate from Kakawa in Santa Fe is a great experience… it’s the “expresso” of hot chocolate and unlike any hot chocolate I have ever had.

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