Mr. Sharkey’s Housetruck

“When I am asked ‘What will the inside of your new bus look like?’, I always reply ‘Just like the inside of my housetruck, only bigger.’ For most people this is answer enough, but for those of you in Netland who are curious, I provide this photo essay to spark your imagination.

Inside, the living space is decidedly non-automotive. In planning the interior, I toured motor homes, travel trailers and yachts, and found the latter to be most appealing, although the end result would never be considered “nautical”. “Early Twentieth Century Studio Apartment” would be the most accurate description. Nearly all of the furniture, fittings and fixtures are collectables. Wood, brass, natural fabrics and leather predominate. Use of plastics is almost non-existent. A Vermont Castings ‘Intrepid’ wood stove keeps away the winter chill, and multiple skylights illuminate my daily activities.…”

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