Skunked on Tomales Bay

(“Skunked” is a fisherman’s term for catching nada.) We trailered my boat up to the bay and when we  got there it was blowing hard. At the ramp, a National Park rescue boat (600 horsepower) was just pulling in, towing a boat the same size as mine, with 3 guys in it. The ranger said the fishermen were in trouble, with waves starting to break over the boat, and they were heading back out to check on 2 other boats that could be in trouble (above). He advised us against going out. so we scratched the plan. Below, Billy in a 1940s-style phone booth, and a deep sea diving rig at Nick’s Cove restaurant, which has a lot of vintage stuff on display. We got a bunch of bay mussels off the rocks on the way home.

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  1. Mmm, mussels, so you weren't totally skunked. Actually, if you didn't drop a line in the water, you might not have been skunked at all because you weren't fishing yet.
    Your definition reminded me of my dad, who wrote outdoor stories for small magazines from Baja to British Columbia. (Small is good, right? LOL)

  2. jhm says:

    I hadn't heard of this application of 'skunked' before (unsurprisingly, because I'm a rare angler). Do you play cribbage? is there any connection between the two usages?

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