Bobcat Skulls

Yes, I know. I’m all over. What’s going on in my life and head admittedly veers all over the place. Here’s part of my animal skull collection (on top of the filing cabinet behind me), notable for the two (roadkill) bobcat skulls front center. I’ve finally learned how to render animal skulls, and these two came out nicely. After defleshing, I use janitorial strength ammonia for 4-5 days, then 35% hydrogen peroxide (not for faint hearted) for about a week. That’s a beaver skull in the background, with one of the long teeth laying in front of it; it slides into the jawbone; found by a lake on Denman Island, BC. Bird skulls on right ((mostly doves), they’re light as a feather. Wolf teeth on left (from remote spot 50 miles north of Tofino BC). Rat skull in center. Design!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greetings Loyd…

    I follow your blog and just purchased your recent book. All great stuff…!

    Anyway, my partner and I hear there are some hot springs in northern California, and we are looking for a recommendation. She prefers clothing optional. You seem like someone who's well versed in the alternative California scene. Could you possibly offer a recommendation or two?

    Sorry to use your comments as an avenue for contacting you, but I couldn't find any other way on your website.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Harbin Hot Springs, Above Middletown. Check out SunRay's temple while visiting. Beautiful structure.

  3. The skull second from the left is I'm sure my ex-wife's sisters cousin twice removed who I haven't seen for years… what a hell of a coincidence to find her here Lloyd…

  4. jandean says:

    Nice collection! The surf scoter skull I mentioned is a male, and still has black velvet on the bill. What's the pelt on the back of the chair?

  5. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Ditto on Harbin Hot Springs; ditto on SunRay Kelley's temple there. Also: Orr Hot Springs and Wilbur Hot Springs…

  6. Lloyd Kahn says:

    jandean, Good eye! Roadkill fox.

  7. MrsBee says:

    My husband use to do taxidermy…cannot tell you how many of these,we have done…from deer to a Texas longhorn!
    Along this line, I have something neat he did that you might find interesting…I am just getting my blot running again do I will try to post it by morning…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mushroomed hollowpoint front & center….45 auto?

  9. MrsBee says:

    Hi Lloyd~
    Thought you might like to see what My husband made from a sheep skull a few months ago….

  10. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Anonymous: good eye! It's a 22.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Whoa…I was way off. I'm used to looking at my cougar skull I guess…

  12. MrsBee says:

    Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog to check Trappers' art out….that creepy eye in the skull? He took the other one to our sons wedding in December and popped it in his eye like a monocle when it came time for the "I Do's"!! The bridesmaid were in stitches but the bride knew better than to glance our way!
    At least we didn't kidnap the groom 😉

  13. Keli Black says:

    Thank you For the info~ I have been trying to find a good way to do this at home~ additional Q~ How do you remove the brain? Or is this too part for the peroxide? Thank you again, Great Info!

  14. Lloyd Kahn says:

    After boiling, scoop it out with small spoon (or screwdriver), then blast with stream of water.

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