4 baby chicks hatched

For you people familiar with chickens: we have all bantams — Silver Seabrights and Auracanas. Unlike full sized birds, you can’t tell if bantams will go broody. For example, full sized Rhode Island Reds or Auracanas never try to set. With bantams, you can’t tell. The non-broody genes sometimes don’t get get transferred. (Bantam Rhode Island Reds are persistent and pesky setters.)

This Auracana decided to hatch some eggs, so Lesley put 6 of our Seabright eggs under her, since we have a Seabright rooster (and don’t want to get Auracana/Seabright half-breeds). 4 of them appeared a few days ago and they look a lot healthier than the 1-day chicks we get in the mail. Within 2 days their mama had them out in the yard running around like punks (and dodging the pecks of the big girls).

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  1. Cracks me up that you can order chicks in the mail, and I bet your live hatchlings are a lot sturdier. I remember having to clean butts of a few dozen mail-ordered birds one time. The things you learn…

    I'm sure you hear this a lot, and I know I've seen it posted around the web, but thanks for putting up the skating vids. I own a longboard now because of you, and it's the greatest.

  2. ..you did better than me..I put 6 eggs under our broody hen. 1 hatched then she left the rest..we cracked them after we knew she was done and none of the other 5 were really developing…I wish I got 4!

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