The next-to-cheapest home gym

I have a couple of these straps hanging in the office, and also in the living room. Eyebolt hook as shown.

I don’t use them as often as I should, but still, they are great for not only strengthening exercises, but also for stretching. I simulate paddling movements: handles in hands, raise arms over head, pull down past hips, and reach out and return to starting position — like a butterfly stroke. You can do all kinds of things with these straps. You can also take them when you travel, they have a connector that allows you to anchor them in a door jamb of any room.

It’s a pretty cheap home gym. The cheapest, however, is Bruno Atkey’s rope-with-handle that you attach to a rafter. Totally brilliant. You can do all kinds of stretches. Fast forward to ___ on this CBS video.


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