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Bob Massengale turned us on to this great website that allows you to listen to a variety of great music. The real stuff!

If you start playing a song, it will continue with a selection (playing entire songs). Nice way to start the day.

There’s a whole bunch of gospel music that was put up for Easter. I’ve mentioned it before, but the gospel singers are the ones who got the true message of Jesus, the love and joy and harmony. As opposed to the Catholic church et al.

Just now listening to The Art Reynolds Singers: “Every Now and Then”

Later: Perez Prado doing “Black Magnolia.” Rrrrrraaahh!

Boy is this a great selection! Now Barbara Lynn doing “I’m a Woman.”

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  1. here's a blog post with a download link of an amazing 1969 Motown gospel record. REAL, soulful, hard-hitting gospel that's aware of blues and R&B but not diluted or turned into pop. i guess as much as African American popular music grew out of, or grew up with, spirituals and gospel, gospel and spirituals also cross-pollinated and flourished from interacting with secular music (makes sense that kids who could sing well in church would grow up to be good musicians in general and vice versa):

    the rest of the blog is pretty great as well. lots of Indian music, and Cambodian pop from the '60's/'70's, crazy Reggae/Dub, killer old-school R&B, great heart bursting Turkish singers and just deeeep Middle Eastern music in general, and Africa! all of it and all aspects of it (high-life, field recordings, Tuareg Saharan Desert blues et. al.) and tons of American old-time and vernacular music. this guys got good taste. music that makes you proud to be human and happy to be alive.

    this is pretty essential too:

    and the album "Been Out In The Storm So Long" that he refers to is worth tracking down.

    not to overwhelm you but i've been just loving this music lately and with everything going on in North Africa lately it's seems applicable or at least something my American 20th-century shaped brain can somehow use warp into some type of sympathetic, revolutionary fervor and longing to be free.

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