Stretching and walking: advice by Bob Anderson

Bob, author of our book Stretching, was recently interviewed by the San Jose Mercury News. An excerpt:

“The idea with stretching is to at least maintain what you have. Not to necessarily achieve super flexibility. I also think exercise and activity work best when you’re not on a team — because you don’t need to meet any standard but your own. When other people are making you do things, your body isn’t taken into account. So you’ve got to be careful of group classes. I’m not going to touch my toes before I even know how far I can stretch. And as you get older and stay active, you need to find activities that agree with you. I’m asked “What are the best activities?” and I often say, “Anything you’ll do regularly.” If you can walk, that’s what you should do. Because that’s what you always want to be able to do in your life. Walking is the one act that will allow us to remain independent and stay fit.”

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