Baby chicks arrived this morning

Went down to the post office early this morning to pick up a box containing 30 baby chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery in Iowa. We’ve been getting chickens this way for 30 years. We’ve switched to bantams, and this time got 20 Auracnas (green eggs) and 10 Silver and Golden Sebrings. The Sebrings are beautiful birds. McMurray’s birds are top quality. Their catalog is a delight to look through:

I still can’t get over the incredibleness of these little creatures coming halfway across the country on an airplane. They’re shipped when one day old. When they arrive we put them in a box under an infra-red light and get them to drink water fortified with electrolytes. They start eating ground-up grain right away.

A lot of people are suddenly interested in backyard chickens. There’s even a magazine:

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  1. Sweet! Congrats on your new brood! Chickens are such a delight. I “inherited” four hens from my neighbor when they moved. They roam in the daytime, and yesterday I was edging a bed and taking out sod pieces. They were right there next to me, helping – hopping on the overturned pieces, scratching away for worms. My white hen who gives me green eggs has been the best layer.

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