Sustainable, Biodynamic, Plant-Based, Solar Powered, Wim Hof-ing, Tibetan Singing Bowls for Only $1500/night. Oh Yeah, Minimum Stay 30 Days

Opening in July 2021, The Barn at NewTree Ranch provides an immersive farm-stay experience just 10 minutes from downtown Healdsburg. The secluded 1,200-square-foot barn adjacent to the ranch’s organic and biodynamically farmed garden includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is completely solar powered. Included in the minimum 30-night reservation is a plant-based breakfast, dinner for two for five days a week, and a wealth of activities.

“With the demand for unique wellness experiences higher than ever before and the increased desire to secure private lodging for extended periods of time as most can work from anywhere, we’re thrilled to debut The Barn,” says Ed Newell, founder and CEO of NewTree Ranch. “Guests will leave with a renewed sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.”

Activities include yoga, kayaking, and paddle boarding on the ranch’s Lake Andreas, an immersive plant-based cooking school, a sound journey with Tibetan singing bowls, and a Wim Hof experience designed around healing breathing practices. Newly completed horse stables give guests the opportunity to bring their horses to the property for exploring redwoods and wine country by horseback. But in the true spirit of this retreat, guests can merely unwind and relax without any programming at all.

NewTree Ranch lives and breathes sustainability, utilizing a closed-loop food system, offering locally sourced, plant-based food and providing guests the opportunity to learn about biodynamic farming. Guests at NewTree Ranch can focus not only on minimizing damage, but also on nurturing and healing themselves and the environment. Chef Matteo Silverman’s passion for creating unique, plant-based food from scratch focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients that are local, organic, and sustainably grown. (Guests who may miss a weekly steak or burger fix are welcome to cook their own meat-based items while in residence.)

The Barn is $1,500 per night for a minimum of 30 nights for two guests, and $250 for each additional guest per night. Also at NewTree Ranch is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,700-square-foot ranch estate starting at $4,000 per night for up to eight guests for a minimum stay of six nights.”

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