On the Pavement Again


Breaking my arm (compound fracture) 2 years ago traumatized me (first broken bone in 84 yrs.). I gave up skating, but in about 2 weeks thought fuck it I’m not giving up.

Started skating after I was healed, but it was as if I’d aged 20 years. I felt awkward, tentative. I hoped no one was watching. Once I’m rolling I feel OK, but it’s the pumping then jumping on the board transition where I feel nervous.

But I’m easing back into it, poco a poco. Not pushing it any more. Just gentle slopes where I can carve.

On my way back from Louie’s last week I found a gentle down slope and a couple of guys filmed me from their truck.

What you gain in skating, as opposed to surfing, is the wave to yourself; no crowd problem. What you lose is a soft place to land.

And yes, Mom, I’m wearing safety gear.

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Lloyd Kahn started building his own home in the early '60s and went on to publish books showing homeowners how they could build their own homes with their own hands. He got his start in publishing by working as the shelter editor of the Whole Earth Catalog with Stewart Brand in the late '60s. He has since authored six highly-graphic books on homemade building, all of which are interrelated. The books, "The Shelter Library Of Building Books," include Shelter, Shelter II (1978), Home Work (2004), Builders of the Pacific Coast (2008), Tiny Homes (2012), and Tiny Homes on the Move (2014). Lloyd operates from Northern California studio built of recycled lumber, set in the midst of a vegetable garden, and hooked into the world via five Mac computers. You can check out videos (one with over 450,000 views) on Lloyd by doing a search on YouTube:

5 Responses to On the Pavement Again

  1. You are a great role model for us all. The secret to staying young and healthy seems to be to keep moving and keep doing what we love.

  2. Life is for living.
    Better having some fun before falling off the board than bored in front of the TV before falling off the couch.
    Go Lloyd…

  3. Hey Lloyd, I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration to get on a longboard. I’m 63 and I grew up in southern California but left there 40 years ago for Colorado, and haven’t been on a skateboard since 78′ or so. I’ve been feeling old and useless for quite a while, but your recent post of that 1975 skateboarding film, and especially the DREAM SKATING SEQUENCE with Greg Weaver awakened something in my long dormant brain.
    I remembered that a friend of mine had a longboard so I asked to borrow it, and now I’m hooked and getting ready to buy one. Anyway, thank you.

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