Poured Concrete Building in Sausalito

I’ve passed by this unique structure in Sausalito for years; it’s on the way to my mother-in-law’s house. I did a lot of poured concrete work in the early ’60s, so I always notice buildings constructed this way. Finally, the other day, I shot some pictures, and then looked it up.

It’s the rectory across the street from The Star of the Sea church.

Here is an article about it written in 1919:


Last Sunday, Rev. Father Chas. R. Baschab, pastor of Star of the Sea parish, announced to his congregation that the erection of a new church and priest house will be started immediately on the beautiful property at the junction of Bulkley and Harrison avenues, bought a few months ago. The buildings, when finished, is to comprise the Lombard style of architecture, a spacious church with a hall in the basement and a home for the pastor and assistant. The buildings will be of reinforced concrete. George J. McCrea of Oakland, the architect who prepared the plans and specifications for the building will supervise their construction. He is the same architect who planned a fine Gothic church and rectory, erected in South San Francisco, a few years ago, and who planned the splendid Mission church and rectory at Livermore last year. The builder in charge of the work is F. Costa, a well known builder of concrete churches throughout this state. He has built churches at Auburn, Crescent City, Livermore and Woodland.

The Lombard style of architecture was adopted as it is especially adapted for hillside construction. According to the sketch drawn by Mr. McCrea, the new Catholic church will not only be the finest building in Sausalito but one of the most beautiful in the state.

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  1. In Sydney, where I lived for a few years, that kind of unfinished concrete with visible marks from the formwork was very much associated with the Neo-Brutalist style. But that stuff dated from the Sixties: this is much earlier. And dare I say, more interesting.

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