Gypsy Wagon on Truck by Yogan and Menthé

Two years ago, French carpenters Yogan and Menthé flew to California, carrying a few basic tools, and hitchhiked up the coast from San Francisco to Washington, exchanging their building skills for room and board. It’s poetry with wood.

(There’s no motor in the truck; It’s built so as to be towed around.)

Are these guys FUN!

More on these extraordinary carpenters:

L-R, yogan, Menthe, stopping by Shelter’s world headquarters on their way home from their productive trip.

2 Responses to Gypsy Wagon on Truck by Yogan and Menthé

  1. Martin says:

    Holy Cow!! The windage on that thing must be horrific – but it is pretty.

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    It’s actually not road-worthy. The truck takes the place of a trailer.

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