Cordwood Cabin on British Columbia Island

Cordwood cabin built by Gary and Marlene Cooper on a small island in British Columbia. All the cordwood came off the beach. It’s a double-wall technique; there is an inner and an outer wall, each 4″ thick, with the cavity in between insulated with cedar sawdust created when cutting the blocks. More photos in Builders of the Pacific Coast.

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  1. Tannit says:

    Love it! Builders of the Pacific Coast is on my bookshelf (along with several other Shelter books) and one of the most inspiring, too.

    You know, you and some of my other favorite bloggers talk about how blogging may be passé (or whatever), but I miss the heyday of blogging and I’m so glad that you continue to blog. You know what we never worried about back in the day? People selling our personal information to use against our best interests. We just…communicated. Told our stories. Shared other people’s stories. I wish more people would get back to that.

  2. Maui Surfer says:

    Really nice shape.
    My front steps used to be like that.
    Then my friend brought her mother to visit, age 104.
    Built a handrail the next day.

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