Deep Purple by Nino Tempo and April Stevens

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  1. Wolfgang Gesselmann says:

    Hi Lloyd,
    Have had loved this songs in the early 60ties. A nice time I lived in Germany was on sailing all the time with dinghies. Everyone of my friends loved it. I came from Bremen which is close to the North Sea. Now I live in Newburgh/Scotland
    Seems you live in California.
    My Aunti lives there as well. But I havn’t spokento her for years. Her dad was an old Nazi and she developed to rightwing. I thimnk she must admit Trump. Very awful relatives. Sorry bothering you with this rubbish but its always in my head.
    I like your blog. It tells me much of the nicer half of the folks in USA. I the late seventies I meet a Californian in Bremen. His name was Saul Rouda and he came from Sausalito. We had a nice chat. Later in the eighties I met a lot of US Jazz players in Bremen and this was always fun. This part is what I like very much. Nice time to you.

  2. crowldawg says:

    I wonder if the band got its name from this song.;-)

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