Conversation with a Three-Year-Old This Morning

I was having a latte and a corn muffin and working on my homestead book at Andytown Coffee Roasters this morning when a woman came in with a tiny girl in a pink hoodie. The little girl was sort of fidgeting, so I handed her one of our Tiny Homes mini books. (Her mom said she was 3 years old.)  She opened it up and spotted a photo of me, held the book up pointing to the photo, and said “You.” Yes, I said.

Then she proceeded to go through every page in the book, pointing to each house and asking, “Your house?” No. “Your house?” No.

“Where you live?” Across the bridge. “Far away?” Yes, far away.

Then she pointed to a house in the street and said. “Your house!” No, I said and she hooted with laughter. She was teasing me.

“Where your car?”

That silver car with the box on top, I said. We could see it through the window.  “Oh.”

“What your name?” Lloyd; what’s your name? “Maggie.”

I just got interviewed by a 3-year old!

3 Responses to Conversation with a Three-Year-Old This Morning

  1. MIchael says:

    Way Coo! !!

  2. Carol Smith says:

    Hi! I loved your Conversation with a Three -Year -Old. I just happen to be Ms. Maggie’s grandma. What a wonderful 3rd birthday gift you have given to our granddaughter. In the future, Maggie can look back on her “conversation” with you and though she may not remember it in detail, your words will certainly put a smile on her face!!” Thank you!!

  3. Bil says:

    Made my day. Thanks!

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