Building For Sale in Healdsburg, California

Spotted this on the main drag in Healdsburg last week, with a “For Sale” sign. It’s an old blacksmith shop, next to an antique store. I liked its looks, it’s got integrity. The lot is 6,000 sq. ft. I thought, well maybe $60,000, but since things are crazy now, maybe as much as $200K. The realtor: $1,250,000. Unbelievable. Has everyone gone mad in California?

4 Responses to Building For Sale in Healdsburg, California

  1. kathleen hormel says:

    yes, yes…thank you for staying true.

  2. Wilson Hughes says:

    It is a beautiful building, the price is ugly. A building like this in northern Vermont with three acres of land might be sixty thousand.

  3. Peter says:

    I guess it’s all in the price of the land. Here, in Vancouver, it doesn’t much matter whether the land has an architectural gem on it or a broken-down tool shed, the price is much the same and in the mega-million dollar range.

  4. Rick Gordon says:

    Get ready for another new, pricey Healdsburg restaurant: The Blacksmith Shop.

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