Evolution of This Blog

When I started this blog 15 years ago, it was (to me) a new and handy form of communicating my everyday experiences. For many years I posted just about daily, and put a lot of time into it. A total of about 6,000 posts to date. In recent years, I started posting on Instagram, and that took time away from blogging. Also, I’ve come to realize that I need to devote more time to producing books — which pays the bills around here.

So I’ve cut down on blogging these days. (I have Twitter and Facebook accounts, but they are merely repostings from Instagram.) I’ll be throwing up photos here when I get the chance, especially from my next book, The Half Acre Homestead, which I’m designing right now.

I’ve started doing more frequent GIMME SHELTER email newsletters recently. Communicating by email seems positively Old School these days — an alternative to “social media.” I’ll describe these newsletters (maximum one per month) in the next post, and how to get on the mailing list.

I did layout of about 8 photo pages of flowers in our garden and in the greenhouse yesterday. This is a Gloriosa Rothschildiana climbing lily in the greenhouse.


6 Responses to Evolution of This Blog

  1. Laurie R. King says:

    Ah, sorry—I’ll miss my regular visits with you as I drink my morning tea.

  2. Suay says:

    Lloyd, will be glad to peruse whatever offerings you have time for. Over the years I have been following your blog, I have much enjoyed, been much enriched, and often educated by your posts. Thank you. — It is only my selfishness and greedy inclinations which yearns for more (grin), but will settle for whatever is on offer. And will much enjoy.

    Maybe it is my older computer, and does not affect others, but this blog format you have now (I know changes were quite some time back), seems to throw up speed bumps and road blocks when I try to post comments. I just through the hoops of the verifications and still am often told I have “timed out” or it is not working. Sometimes my comment then disappears, but oddly, just as often if I wait a minute, it has suddenly then appeared on your posting in comment section. Maybe it is just gremlins.

    • Rick Gordon says:

      I’ve noticed some periodic glitchiness as well in relation to the posting of comments. As the site admin, I’ll try to fix what’s happening. So far, the fix has not become obvious.

  3. Billy B says:

    Blogs are truly what the internet is for. These social networks are a fad as new ones emerge, and the old ones whither away. (Google+ anyone)
    Another consideration Social Media is for marketing.

  4. Suzy says:

    Rick, thanks for checking in to this. I seldom comment now, because it is a torturous process. Still read regular, of course. Love being part of Lloyd’s “community”.

  5. Derek DeSloover says:


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