Aid for Survivors of Natural Disasters

Hello Shelter People,

A long and windy road of internet surfing for camper van inspiration brought me here. I just bought four of your books from your website. I have three others on loan from the library, along with another one I bought used. Your books are so much fun to look at, then read, and then reread.

I got to thinking that you might like to read about my friend, Jon Ross, and his non-profit that helps survivors of disaster rebuild their homes and/or livelihood. He usually goes to really remote places where large NGOs never go. He finds people in dire straights no one else would help. At the same time the people he finds are those who will aid in their own recovery. I am so inspired by him. I thought I’d share his work with you all.

Micro Aid International

Thank you for all the inspiration!

–Anna Donlin

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