Wood Rat Nest

These nests are pyramidal, about 3 feet tall, all over in the woods around here. Woodrats are kinda nice critters, compared to disgusting Norwegian city rats. They’re like big mice, live communally, are craftily smart at getting bait off traps without springing the trigger. The ones around here are dusky-footed woodrats, often called “pack rats,” have white belies, and bigger ears and eyes than city rats.

They are herbivores and according to Andrew Santos:

Their lodges are architectural marvels with many entrances and lookouts. Ans interior rooms that service nests And pantries. They generally live solo in a matriarchal society of several lodges, comprising neighborhoods. Nests can get 6 to 8 feet tall.”

–From Homegrown: A Year in the Life of a Humboldt County Guerrilla Grower

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  1. Jim Brobeck says:

    Woodrat nests and cone nose bugs go together. I have been bit by the bugs a few times. After the bug injected anesthetic wears off the swelling and painfully astounding itch emerges and persists for days. I live near an old growth manzanita stand that shelters the charming rodents. https://www.americanforests.org/big-trees/big-manzanita-arctostaphylos-manzanita/

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