Egret in Garden Pond

The two large fish-eating/wading birds in our area are egrets and great blue herons. Both are super wary and spooky, especially the herons. They will fly to the top of the tower, about 30′ above the ground, and check out the pond before descending. They are after the little fish in our pond. When this happens, I sneak into the house and shoot photos through the window that looks out on the pond.

Look at those black legs.

3 Responses to Egret in Garden Pond

  1. Anon says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. Amazing world you have created, Lloyd.

  2. Irene Tukuafu says:

    This should be sent in for a close up of this beautiful graceful bird. Just wonderful. It would win a prize.

  3. Anon says:

    Lloyd, meant to ask, what camera did you use for this? Amazing good quality for shooting through a window (or was the glass open?)

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