Beach Sculpture

Artistic Beach Sculpture

I came upon this beautiful arrangement of beach objects at Muir Beach last night as the sun was setting. Mac Murphy, who often swims in the cold ocean sans wetsuit for 20 minutes or so, made it. He picked up the feathers — a lot of dead birds last night, and created this lovely circle.


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  1. Unfortunately, one person’s idea of beauty in rearranging nature is not shared by all. In parts of Scotland, the local residents have become upset at the many tourists who are disturbing nature by making rock circles and rock piles. This weekend the UK newspapers are full of the news that the locals in places like the Isle of Skye have organized the demolition of hundreds of structures and stone circles made by visitors. Here is a typical newspaper article about their frustration and anger.

  2. Well, this isn’t Skye, and I don’t think anyone would find it objectionable. Besides, it’s now gone, a week later, due to wind and tides.

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