Tiny Homes from Sonoma County, California

Ward Hensill builds these unique tiny buildings in Bodega, Calif. He uses 1⅛″ plywood, and it is screwed together — no nails. The pop-out windows give them a much bigger feel than you’d expect with only 120 sq. ft. of floor space.

More info: www.bodegaportablebuildings.com

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  1. Mike Hoffman says:


  2. Maui Surfer says:

    I have been using “deck mate” screws for years.
    They have heads that are like a star,
    and they can be removed easily after years in place.
    Strong, simple, fast.
    I use for flooring, siding, cabinets, framing, everything.
    And easy to undo, rebuild.
    I predrill to prevent splitting.
    I buy from HD, they have some sort of rust proof coating
    not galvanized, not nickel, either reddish or yellowish.
    I hate nailguns, so difficult to remove, reconstruct.

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