Barque Ship San Francisco Circa 1850s

Looks like it’s behind Seal Rocks.

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  1. Maui Surfer says:

    Lewis H. Lapham talks with Steven Ujifusa, author of Barons of the Sea: And Their Race to Build the World’s Fastest Clipper Ship.

  2. Maui Surfer says:

    Clipper ships were built to smuggle opium into China
    and with the proceeds, buy tea to sell in Boston.
    Ujifusa explains to Lapham.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know you’ve been around a bit but I’m guessing this isn’t one of your original photos!

  4. Maui Surfer says:

    In fact, the ship in our picture is not a clipper, it is a bark.
    Clippers and barks all had 3 masts.
    But on a clipper all 3 masts were square rigged.
    On a bark, the mizzen (that little mast in back) was rigged fore and aft,
    as in your picture.

  5. Sean Sheehan says:

    In the late 50s my Dad was the manager of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. In the barber shop there was a 360 panorama taken from the site of the Mark in the 1850s, including ships in the harbors, I loved this panorama. I have often wondered if it is still there? Only been back once in the 90s, since I left in 73, may not make it again and still wonder about that panorama.

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