Stonework in Ireland

I shot this in 1972, somewhere on the west coast of Ireland. It didn’t look like a master mason did the work, but more like a farmer with an intuitive sense of building. I love the soulful rock work, the colors and placement of stones — obviously gathered nearby. Look at the five different funky window/door lintels. Looks like a fairly new slate roof. Abandoned, but looks sound.

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  1. Anon says:

    love the detail….Well, love most things made of “rocks” and “stones”, grin.

    mmm you say you don’t think it was a master mason, but if this structure is as old as it seems….It must have been one heck of a skillful stonemason to have them hold together for so long. In fact, hold together long enough to make it worth while to put up that newish slate roof. ???

  2. Mason says:

    Incredible masonry work. Always admire beautiful masonry work. Such a thing of beauty. Whoever did the job definitely knows what they’re doing. I’m looking for Masonry work on Long Island, and came across
    Curious if anyone has worked with them in the past and if so, did they help you out?

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