Stewart Brand and the 50th-year Anniversary of the Whole Earth Catalog

Last night I went to an event at Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Whole Earth Catalog. It was a 3-hour tribute to and lovefest for Stewart Brand, and the role he has played in shaping so many trends and affecting and inspiring so many people’s lives. I got invited because I was the shelter editor of the WEC back in the day. About a dozen people gave 3-minute speeches, including Kevin Kelly, Orville Schell, Peter Calthorpe, Tim O’Reilly and astronaut Rusty Schweikart on Stewart’s impact on their lives. Not to mention that Steve Jobs (now famously) said that in high school he was reading the WEC and it had a lot to do with inspiring him to get into building computers Wow!

This was a private event, but a prequel to a big celebration, open to the public, coming up on October 13th, 2018, at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco:

I’m going to write a bit about my experiences with Stewart next week.

3 Responses to Stewart Brand and the 50th-year Anniversary of the Whole Earth Catalog

  1. mauisurfer says:

    Please tell us, if you know, does Stewart receive money from the nuclear industry? I assert nothing, simply asking a question that I have never seen answered.

  2. crowldawg says:

    The WEC was my Google long before there were laptops never mind that search engine.

  3. Beetaar says:

    Lloyd you’re blog is the epicest

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