History of the Whole Earth Catalog and The Birth of West Coast Publishing

A copy of the first WEC. 1,000 copies were printed, according to Stewart. Very rare these days; used copies run from $250 to over $900.

A few weeks ago, I said I’d post more on The Whole Earth Catalog, which is having its 50th year anniversary party this October, and I ran across this post from 3 years ago: www.lloydkahn.com/…

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  1. Jim Nail says:

    Hi Lloyd, I just checked my memory by digging out my copy of Dome Book 2 to verify that you were the editor of that also. You have been supporting my interest in alternative housing for decades! I built a round house in the '80s but had to sell it several years to move on following the grand kids.
    Good on You.

  2. Oh, all the projects—and dreams!—wrapped up in that evocative cover. So many hours spent poring over other the lives and passions of others. The Sears Roebuck catalogue of my generation.

  3. I found a copy of the Last WEC at a garage sale recently. Great Work! Innovative in fifty different ways

  4. Rob says:

    I got my first copy in '72 or so, a lot of time was spent between the covers.

  5. Irene Tukuafu says:

    I just found a copy of THE LAST WHOLE EARTH CATALOG at a antique store in Keokuk, Iowa. I bought it because of this post. I also had at one time the first one….left it in Hawaii, but carried the creative ideas with me………forever. Now I live in a yurt style house with antique logs for the sides. Thank you Lloyd for all your works of alternative journalism and dreamers like me sometimes get dreams done because we’ve read your books. aloha, irene

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